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Guiding Principles

The work of each NCC aims to be:

  • Relevant. NCC initiatives should reflect the needs of practitioners, and be aligned with Canada's overall public health strategy, and the work of the Public Health Agency of Canada and Pan-Canadian Public Health Network
  • Interconnected. NCCs should strengthen linkages between public health researchers and practitioners at regional, provincial, national and international levels
  • Coordinated. NCCs should set priorities and operate as members of a network, and focus on national public health priorities
  • Complementary. NCCs should complement the work of PHAC and other federal partners, provincial governments, academic institutions, and other key stakeholders
  • Interdisciplinary. NCCs should support and engage all major public health disciplines operating at the municipal, provincial, regional, and national levels across Canada
  • Participatory. NCCs should adopt a participatory approach and involve all relevant stakeholders in planning and implementing initiatives