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The six National Collaborating Centres (NCCs) for Public Health promote and improve the use of scientific research and other knowledge to strengthen public health practices and policies in Canada. They identify knowledge gaps, foster networks and translate existing knowledge to produce and exchange relevant, accessible, and evidence-informed products with practitioners, policy makers and researchers. 
The NCC for Infectious Diseases (NCCID) leads a collaborative project aimed at responding to recognized knowledge gaps related to the prevention and control of influenza. The two-year project brings the expertise of all six NCCs for Public Health to bear on knowledge translation needs of public health and primary care professionals. Questions remain about surveillance methods, estimates of the burden of influenza, the effectiveness of vaccination and other prevention strategies, and the equitable delivery of services. A suite of knowledge products will be produced to address these and other issues. For more information, and for resources from this project, click here.
Population Mental Health
To support public health actors across Canada in their work regarding population mental health, the NCC for Health Public Policy (NCCHPP) is leading a collaborative project with the other NCCs for Public Health. For more information, and for resources from this project, click here.
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