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NCCPH Collective Publications

Many documents have been developed and distributed in order to disseminate and promote the work of the National Collaborating Centres for Public Health with their key audiences, public health practitioners, policy makers, researchers, communities and others.

NCCPH Brochure

Every year, the NCCs develop and distribute a brochure which offers an overview of the mandate, the work to date and the future projects of each Centre.

2012 edition

 NCC E-Bulletin

The NCCs also publish a short e-bulletin presenting the latest news about the individual and collective NCC's projects, events and publications.

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New! - What are the Social Determinants of Health? - Fact Sheet

What are the Social Determinants of Health?

They are the subset of the determinants of health. The term ‘social determinants of health' describes the many social conditions that interact to influence risks to our health and well-being and affect how vulnerable we are to disease and injury. The NCCDH has developed this new fact sheet for the six NCCs, please click here to access this document.

What is Evidence-informed Public Health? - Fact Sheet

Evidence-informed public health (EIPH) is the process of distilling and disseminating the best available evidence from research, practice and experience and using that evidence to inform and improve public health policy and practice. Put simply, it means finding, using and sharing what works in public health. (Other commonly used terms for or related to EIPH include evidence-informed decision making, evidence-based practice or evidence-based health care applied to public health practice and policy.)

To learn more, please have a look at this fact sheet on Evidence-Informed Public Health.

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